Brief History


Our company was established in October 2010 by Brandon Hodge and Rudy Gutierrez Jr, who are both experienced videographers with an extreme passion for filmmaking.

After several years of aquiring more knowledge and equipment experience they began meeting new people and setting the foundation for 3QF.


we recommend:
Film Riot
DIY Film techniques, gear review, movie tricks, and more.
BH Photo Video
We buy gear from BH Photo Video for great quality products
123 Studio
We record all professional audio, ADR, Foley, and post mix with Ryan at 123 Studios. They offer music, voice overs, sound design mixing, and much more! Go check them out!
MLD Video
We rent all our equipment from MLD Video! Go visit their website! :)

Our Crew

Rudy Gutierrez Jr Rudy Gutierrez Jr


Rudy has had several years of experience on working in the video/film/tv industry. He has worked on music videos, TV Documentaries, Feature Films, Weddings, Short films, Promotional Videos, and many mmore projects. Rudy has a passion for storytelling via cinema and incorporates that into every project.

Brandon Hodge Brandon Hodge

CEO/Director of Photography/Producer

Brandon excels in all areas for cinema. From lights and set design to props and camera work.

Jeremy Williams Jeremy "Phoenix" Williams

Editor/Color Grading/Screenwriting

Jeremy has been attending classes in the art of video technology at Northlake College. He has a passion for video editing, color grading, as well as screenwriting and cinematography.

Matthew Claiborne Matthew Claiborne

Sound/Assistant Camera/Production Assistant

Matthew has some experience in a few jobs in the film/TV industry. He has taken classes in school and has worked on short films/music videos. Matthew has a passion for the film industry and would like to be a director in the future.

Yesi Hernandez Yesi Hernandez

Photography/Graphic Design

Yesi is a North Texas Photographer and Graphic Designer. She has had several years of experience and serves all areas of photography ranging anywhere from portraits to weddings and more. She is also a full time Graphic Designer and creates flyers, ads, logos, and website graphics for businesses and individuals.

Michelle Gutierrez Michelle Gutierrez

Location Manager/Planning

Michelle although with brief experience in the film/TV industry, she has shown the ability to excel in planning and location management.

James Crawford James Crawford


I like writing.

Dalton Sinclair Dalton Sinclair

Sound/Boom Operator/Production Assistant

I like sound.